Friday, February 12, 2010

Dawn in The Valley of Fire

Dawn in The Valley of Fire
Originally uploaded by Mark Griffith

I woke at 4:30 am, was out of my $28 dollar hotel room by 4:50 and on my way up I-15 north headed for the Valley of Fire. I drove in the dark and was enchanted by the crescent moon. I eventually stopped and set up the tri-pod took a photo of the moon sliver. I got to the first entrance of the park in the dark. Thankfully unlike Red Rocks which isn't open until after sunrise, there was a self-pay station and I could enter. There were no maps but Ingunn had mentioned Elephant Rock so I kept driving through the park until I found the pull off. I grabbed my pack and scrambled up on top of a large outcropping of rock and set up my tri-pod and waited for the sun. This was taken using a 2-stop graduated filter. See a different view before the light.


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